I’m really excited for this trip. My other band, Dayman - featuring joshuaglass - is driving from Chicago to New York City to play a show on Friday night.

If you live in or near Brooklyn, I would love to see you. There’s karaoke after the bands, let’s drink and make fun of Pancho singing Backstreet Boys. ❤️





Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

"They’re in a better position to judge than I am."

I think this is how most open minded people who value communication, connection, and are willing to learn from others think.

…Did… Did Russel Brand just explain how to react to being called out on something? 


Russell Brand has been killing it lately, and I don’t mind praising him for it.






a new zine called shitty horoscopes that i’ll be premiering this year at the Toronto Queer Zine Fair, among other things! hopefully i’ll make volumes available for online purchase soon. credit where credit is due: this was inspired by the huge number of made-up horoscopes floating around tumblr lately, and angry-poems.

yup, the Libra one is pretty accurate

i always find pisces horoscopes creepily accurate/relatable…